Our Philosophy

We believe that timeless, enduring architectural design enriches not only the lives of the people that live in the home but also enriches the land and surroundings. Fusing family, lifestyle, land, and community with inspired architecture.

We take to heart words and phrases like, “Timeless”,“Architectural Integrity and Permanence”, “Cohesive with Nature”, and“Authenticity”. These are essential ingredients, that when blended correctly,create homes that truly stand out from the rest.

Our goal is to fuse the timeless design of the historic, rustic American west home with today’s modern, contemporary and sustainable features,without sacrificing the warmth, charm and essence of the historic American west home.

The complex relationships of the old American west home and the new modern and contemporary styles can be orchestrated not only into a functional architectural style that is part of a community, but can also impart authenticity. This authenticity embodies diversity, honesty, creative tension,cultural continuity, and sustainability.

Creating homes that have timeless, enduring value.